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Healing Arts
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Ayurvedic Wellness  .   Soul Wisdom sessions .
Mentorship  . Personalized Wellness journey

Work With Me From Anywhere.........

Herbal Consultation & Ayurvedic Wellness  ~Would you like help getting your health back on track? I believe that health & wellness depend on a delicate balance between mind, body, and spirit. Often I find that dis-ease, dysfunction and discomfort have a spiritual as well as a physical component. During your consultation we will go over basic details, inquire about your health history and your present health concerns and  I will encourage you to tell me your story while I listen deeply.  My intention during our consultation is to assist you in choosing an herbal program that will help you to flourish, live life with joy, boost your over-all vitality and address your specific health concerns, whatever their nature. Along with a comprehensive herbal protocol you will receive a customized  self-care and self-nourishment plan to cultivate a return to balance. During our initial consultation and brief follow-up session I will help you clarify your health issues and support you in making the necessary attitude, dietary and lifestyle changes that will enhance your health and well being. Sessions will be done over zoom or another platform if preferred. Please choose the Virtual Herbal Consultation when booking.

 Soul Wisdom Sessions ~Are you ready to identify and release what no longer serves you? Theses 1:1 Intuitive Coaching  sessions can help you tap into your inner wisdom and become a more embodied and whole version of yourself. With a variety of techniques at my disposal, each session is designed to help you heal and become a more grounded, expansive, and aligned version of yourself. Using a unique mix of  Coaching, Breath Work, Shadow Work, and Shamanic Healing we will weave together a healing session aimed at releasing old energetic patterns and belief systems from your life. Moving beyond the story we will open doors to greater consciousness, working with awareness &  intuition to shift and release old patterns creating balance, health, and happiness on the emotional and physical levels. Free up blocked  life force, gain clarity, and live your highest potential and manifest your true desires.Sessions will be done over zoom or another platform if preferred. Please choose the Virtual Soul Wisdom when booking.

1:1 Inner Light Mentorship ~ This isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. Your journey is uniquely yours. These sessions are a mix of deep listening & spirit led support and guidance for wherever you are on your spiritual journey. The goal is to provide meaningful and inspiring information that aid you in accessing your own true nature and inner wisdom.

 During your mentorship we can 

~ Get clear on what you want and clarify dreams, desires & goals

~Dive deep into your beliefs, self-worth, patterns and stories

~Create a plan to transition form where you are to where you want to be and identify any obstacles to your current path

~Hone your intuition and learn spiritual & energetic tools to use on your journey

~Create personal rituals to support you on your path & so much more

Choose from a 4 / 8 / or 12 month mentorship

"You are here to live your fullest expression of your soul and be a living emissary of light on earth. I am here to assist you in remembering & igniting your light.

 8 Week Soul Alchemy ~Looking to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth? Dive into a profound exploration of self with our Soul Alchemy Transformation program. Uncover your personal truth & elevated well-being as we guide you through personalized spiritual coaching, tailored yoga/movement practices that meet you where you are at, breathwork sessions, and meditation. Customized rituals and herbal consultations complement your unique needs, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your well-being. This program was created to awaken and inspire you on your quest for healing and to help you remember who you are at the soul level. . Let us guide you towards your true self and help you become the best version of yourself. This is an 8 week personalized journey, sessions will be done over Zoom or another platform if preferred. Please choose the Virtual Soul Alchemy Journey when booking.

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